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Although I love my dedicated camera, I will always have a love for smartphone cameras. After all, it was these that got me into photography in the first place. My last phone was the Samsung Galaxy S8 which I liked a lot, including the camera. (Click here for my review of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Camera) This time, my phone of choice through the ‘upgrade’ cycle was the iPhone XR. So far, I’ve been really impressed with what this camera is capable of. Here are a few shots I’ve been able to take using it’s camera.

These are not ‘straight out of camera’ shots. (There are plenty of iPhone XR reviews that give examples of those) This is to show the kind of shots you can produce with this tool if you know how to. Those who love the editing process as much as the composition of a shot will hopefully understand me. 😉

Whether it’s been landscapes, street photography or food photography, the iPhone XR has proved to be a very capable camera. And what about portraits? The recent trend has been to have a ‘dual lens’ or even ‘triple lens’ set up for ‘lossless zoom’ or ‘depth mapping’ for a blurry background effect. How has the iPhone XR’s single lens fared in this regard? I’m still impressed with it in this area too. Here are some portraits from the camera.

Finally, some night shots.I haven’t been able to get out as much as I’d like to, but here are some examples of lowlight shots that I’ve been able to take. I personally think this camera has very good lowlight capabilities.

Whether it’s Apple or android devices, most modern high end (and even mid-range cameras) are able to deliver great results in the photography department, and the iPhone XR is no exception. A great camera that it’s hard to be disappointed with.

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Ciao for now. 😉

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