Durham: The Historic City

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Durham Castle serves as a beautiful backdrop to a bustling town.

It’s been a while, and for good reason if you throw a baby into the grand scheme of things. Travelling the country hasn’t been as frequent, nevertheless me and my family did enjoy a visit to County Durham during the month of November. I particularly liked the city (or county town) of Durham. It was very modern in its own right, but it still maintained its very historic feel with it’s Norman Cathedral and 11th-century castle.

The river Wear, which flows past Durham Castle and Cathedral.
Elvet Bridge in the County town of Durham is a grade 1 listed building.

When it comes to school holidays and places of tourism, (especially those with designate World heritage sites like Durham Castle and Cathedral) you sometimes expect places to be overcrowded. Although there were a lot of people around, we found plenty of walking space and places to go if we wanted something quiet, such as a walk along the river Wear featured in the photos above. There were also plenty of places to eat for people like me who love food. 😉

Some of parts of this street which leads up to Durham Cathedral contains the original cobbled surface.

For those interested in visiting the castle, visiting is available most days but only with a guide as it contains university students throughout most of the year. I didn’t go on a guided tour myself as time was limited, however there are plenty of positive online reviews from people who have had the opportunity to get one.

I won’t post a blog about a visiting an area unless I think it is actually worth the visit. I can happily say that Durham town centre is no exception! Check it out when you can! 👍😃

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