New Brighton: A Few Nights Away

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Hi. It’s been a good while. Family commitments along with work have meant that I haven’t been able to post any travels as much as intended. Thankfully I have a few minutes to share some photographs from New Brighton. It’s a Seaside resort at the opposite side of the River Mersey to Liverpool. We spent a good few nights there and managed to get some good historical information too. Here are some of the pictures I caught of the experience.

Perch Rock Lighthouse sits in front of New Brighton Beach (Built in 1827 and deactivated in 1973)
A foggy morning gave a misty view of New Brighton from a rocky part of the beach.
Three Layers of colour from water hitting the rocks by the Mersey. (Wallasey)
A young cyclist attempted to photobomb my shot not realising I was actually waiting for him to enter the shot for perspective. (New Brighton Promenade)
A view of Liverpool from across the Mersey.
You can’t beat a classic fish, chips and mushy peas when out here. It just has to be done. Delicious! (Harry Ramsden’s, Wallasey)
This was followed by the best ice cream that I have ever tasted. Chocolate and peanut, from Caffe Cream. So nice!!!
We had a nice view of New Brighton Beach as we walked down the promenade. Look at that huge ship in the background!
A more dramatic shot of New Brighton Lighthouse, also known as Perch Rock Lighthouse.
Port Sunlight was not too far from our initial destination. We managed to pay it a visit during our stay.
The Port Sunlight Museum tells some of the interesting history of this village which was founded by William Hesketh Lever in 1888 to home the famous ‘Sunlight Soap’ factory workers.
Lady Lever Art Gallery (opened in 1922 by philanthropist William Lever) contains British eighteenth and nineteenth century paintings, wedgwood, tapestries, embroideries, Roman sculpture and Greek vases. It also serves as a good example of Victorian/Edwardian architectural tastes. Beautiful building!

Until next time…
There you go. I may not be on here for a while so this is a last bit of travel photography for a time. Thanks for checking out my page and I’ll definitely be back again no doubt. Don’t forget to like and check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for more updates. Links are below. 😊

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