An Interview With: Anthony @ Standing Ovation

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Olympus Em1, ISO 1600, Shutter speed 1/20, Aperture f2.8

Photography continues to advance, and with these advancements, a variety of interest follows. Snappasion had the pleasure of an interview and Photo shoot with Anthony Daulphin, a founding member of ‘Standing Ovation’ to see how photography has become relevant to this project. The following are My questions, and his answers regarding this exciting project:

What is ‘Standing Ovation’?

Olympus Em1, ISO 2500, Shutter speed 1/20, Aperture f2.8

Anthony: Standing Ovation is a school incentive which bases its aims around boosting the self-esteem of children using creative arts and at the same time raising the status of schools.

How did Standing Ovation come about?

Panasonic LX100, ISO 800, Shutter speed 1/15, Aperture f1.7

Anthony: Standing Ovation was founded in October 2016 and originated from the first ever choir I put together in a primary school. It had a real inclusive feel and some great opportunities were given to the children to showcase their talent.

What does Standing Ovation intend to do with Photography?

Olympus Em1, ISO 2500, Shutter speed 1/20, Aperture f2.8

Anthony: We aim to provide children with a safe and creative environment to explore photographic ideas whilst learning an important art and having fun.

Why do you believe photography will benefit children?

Olympus Em1, ISO 2500, Shutter speed 1/30, Aperture f2.8

Anthony: Standing Ovations courses are specifically designed for children to learn great techniques when using digital cameras. They will experiment with depth of field, fast and slow shutter speeds and various types of composition. Children will gain a greater understanding of a digital cameras functions, allowing their creativity to flourish as their technical knowledge and familiarity develops.
What other projects is Standing Ovation working on?

Panasonic LX100, ISO 400, Shutter speed 1/10, Aperture f2.2

We are currently working on various projects including fashion and textiles, music technology, hair and beauty courses, drama performances and BIG Art Attack.

Where can we find out more about Standing Ovation?

Anthony: You can find out more about Standing Ovation from the following social media links:




There you have it! It will be exciting to see how this new photography project comes to fruition. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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