Birmingham: Lines, Shapes and Patterns

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Hey. My first week of a long needed break and I’m back in Birmingham. Me and a friend went around the city, spoke all things Photography, ate good food and took some photos that we were very pleased with. This time I was particularly looking for geometry (Lines, shapes, patterns, symmetry…) but caught a few other things of interest too. Here are the pics.

 The ICC. How many squares, rectangles and triangles can you see? I also liked how the deep black of the two walkways in the foreground contrasted the vibrance of the building in the background.
Here I like the repetition of both straight and curved lines. This is now one of my favourite street photographs. 🙂
This row of rectangles reminds me of a domino stack.
‘Ladders’. Geometry Galore! 😃 (Taken at The ICC)
Caught this near Brindley Place. Just look at the symmetry here! Almost perfect! 👍
Took a sneaky shot of my friend as he took some pictures of the Birmingham Library. By fluke I also captured more shapes from the construction site in the background! 🙂
No particular standout geometry here, I was just by the canal and thought to capture it. 😜

Thanks for your time again. Hope you enjoyed. 👍🙂😃

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