Birmingham Weekends

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I haven’t been on here for a while I know. I’ve been busy with a few personal projects. During the spare time that I’ve had, I’ve taken a few shots around Birmingham. Since it’s my home city, I’ve seen and photographed some of these areas before. This may sound like a tedious process, but as well as thoroughly enjoying the experience, it’s helped me to focus on my photographic style and perspective, as I had to make sure I didn’t simply copy a previous photo shoot. Here are some of the results that I liked. (All of the following Pictures were shot on the Panasonic LX100, which I think is a great little tool for street photography!)

‘Planning With a Vision’ 
‘Onwards and Upwards’ 
‘Line of Symmetry’ 
‘The Library: 1’ 
‘Canalside Walk: 1’ 
‘Canalside Walk: 2’ 
‘Facing The Sun’
‘Stepping Down From The Throne’
‘Tower Blocks’
‘Millenium Child’

I Hope you liked them. 🙂 See you soon! 👍

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